Taylor Beaumont and a Bayview resident steep pilsner grain in hot water.
Taylor Beaumont and a Bayview resident steep pilsner grain in hot water.

Residents of the Bayview retirement community hopped to work Saturday on their latest beer-brewing project.

“My nephew makes beer, so I’ve tasted some beers that were homemade, and I thought it would be a fun things to do here at Bayview,” said resident Dottie Neufeld.

Neufeld has lived at Bayview in Queen Anne for the past seven years, and made the suggestion that residents try their hands at brewing.

“We have another group that’s winemakers,” she said. “We’ve been checking the sugar content of the grapes.”

When the timing is right, they’ll go east of the Cascades to harvest their grapes.

While planning how to add beer brewing to Bayview’s list of activities, Neufeld learned that fellow resident Barbara Beaumont’s family has been crafting beer for years.

Brian and Lynn Beaumont grow the hops at their Queen Anne home. Their son Taylor remembers his dad and uncle brewing beer since he was in high school.

“As soon as I could start drinking, I started doing it,” Taylor said.

The Beaumonts brought a harvest of centennial and cascade hops to Bayview on Saturday, where they brewed a fresh hop pilsner in the garden plaza.

“It’s as fresh as you can get,” Brian Beaumont said.

The last batch was a pale ale.

“The thing is, when I started brewing, there wasn’t all these great beers,” Brian Beaumont said of the Pacific Northwest’s many craft beers.

Taylor Beaumont brought the pilsner grain to be steeped and reaped of its sugars for the beer. He said the 5-gallon batch needed four pounds of hops.

Residents spent an hour picking the hops off their vines while the grain steeped. Taylor Beaumont brought beers for them to sample as they worked, including the pale ale they made last time.

“We’ve just been calling it Bayview Brew,” said Neufeld, who spent part of Saturday taking votes on a label for the beer.

Another resident’s granddaughter is an artist who works on graphic novels, she said, and made three sample labels; she will color in the winner.

“It’s kind of a nod to the Green Lake milk carton derby,” Neufeld said.

Bayview residents participated for a second year in the Lucerne Seafair Milk Carton Derby on Green Lake back in July. They are the only retirement community that has competed so far.

Since it was decided that a pilsner would be the latest beer to try, Neufeld said she’s noticed many residents drinking that style when she’s walking around Bayview, so she’s convinced it was a good choice.

Many residents came by to help or observe the beer-making process, but it will be another two weeks before the brew is ready to bottle. Last time the beer fermenter was left in Barbara Beaumont’s closet.

“She was babysitting the burping baby,” Lynn Beaumont said.

Taylor Beaumont hopes to start his own brewery someday, and he documents his brewing on Instagram @hawkhops12.

“We’ve been brewing for the last couple years now,” his father said, “but Taylor has really taken off.”