Seattle Center has launched a survey to gather feedback on ways to update The Fountain of Creation during a two-year rebuild of the arena.

Everett DuPen created the bronze and stone water garden for the 1962 World’s Fair with direction from Seattle architect Paul Thiry.

“The fountain references the evolution of life and water's critical role in that process as it celebrates humans, plants and animals on land, sea and in the air,” according to a Seattle Center news release.

The city remodeled the fountain, also known a DuPen Fountain, to include around 45 stones and boulders, and to improve water quality, in the early ‘90s.

The fountain is closed while the new Seattle Center arena is being built by Oak View Group.

“The City of Seattle is using the down time to reimagine how the fountain might serve future generations as it restores and updates the site,” the news release states.

People can take the online survey through Saturday, Aug. 31.