Police arrested two men inside an unlawful encampment in the Northeast Queen Anne Greenbelt on Monday. Both had warrants, and one was also arrested for possession of narcotics and a loaded handgun.

Officers responded to the encampment, in the 1900 block of Taylor Avenue North, around 12:30 p.m. July 8. Signs are up in the greenbelt informing people that camping is prohibited.

A police report states officers identified 25-year-old Logan Seybold, who had an arrest warrant, as he entered a tent with another man, later identified as Jason Thater, 41. Seybold was wanted for failing to appear for reckless driving, DUI and stolen property charges.

Officers arrested Seybold when he exited the tent, and then detained Thater. The report states Thater was found to also have a warrant for carrying a concealed weapon.

During his arrest, officers took Thater’s backpack, which he asked to give to a friend to hold, according to the report. He later allegedly admitted to having a firearm inside the backpack, which he said he purchased from a man at another homeless encampment, according to the police report.

The firearm was identified as a Glock 27, and had a missing serial stamp on the frame. There were bullets in the magazine, the report states, but not in the chamber.

The report states a search of the backpack at the West Precinct also uncovered five grams of methamphetamine and 1.3 grams of heroin, as well as a digital scale.

A judge found probable cause for Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substance Act (VUCSA), and Thater is due in court again on Wednesday, July 11.