Owner Robin Johnson, center, and Stephanie Simpson, right, move a table into the shop.
Owner Robin Johnson, center, and Stephanie Simpson, right, move a table into the shop.

Three Birds Home and Gifts will officially close when “inventory has sold down,” at the end June, after eight years of business on Queen Anne Avenue, according to an email from owner Robin Johnson.

Johnson tells Queen Anne News Three Birds is closing for lease-related reasons; she declined an interview request.

The shop specializes in home decoration, jewelry, furniture and other novelty items. Inside there are incandescent bulbs strung across the ceiling, illuminating the dwindling inventory. A 30-percent off “Store Closing Sale” sign is visible at the storefront window.

Three Birds employee Stephanie Simpson said she took the opportunity to work with her friend Johnson in 2014, since her sons were grown up and she was looking to get back into the workforce. Simpson used to commute from Mt. Baker, but now she lives on Bainbridge Island and is unsure of what she will be doing after the store closes.

“I’m now commuting in from Bainbridge Island, and so I don’t know if I’ll find something in Seattle again or maybe something over there. But I’d like to still work,” Simpson said.

Erin Riccolo has been a North Queen Anne resident for about 6 years, and said she has done a lot of gift shopping at Three Birds. She said she is sad to see it go but hopes another local business will fill the space.

“Yeah, it’s really unfortunate. There’s a couple long-standing businesses in this neighborhood and Fremont that have become like banks or Verizon stores,” Riccolo said, “or kind of boring businesses that are very corporate, and I think it’s because they can afford the rent where small businesses can’t.