Paul Fejos' Lonesome
Paul Fejos' Lonesome

The three amigos convene for Framing Pictures' September session at the usual cantina—i.e., the smaller auditorium of Northwest Film Forum—this coming Friday, Sept. 14, at 5 p.m. Bruce Reid sits in for amigo Robert Horton, who's currently chatting his way across Germany; the other chairs will be filled by Richard T. Jameson and Kathleen Murphy.

Expected to loom large in the conversation is Paul Fejos, a lively but little-known director of the silents-into-sound era. Criterion has just released three, more or less, of his films on DVD and Blu-ray—"more or less" because two of the titles, The Last Performance (1927) and Broadway (1929), had to be reconstituted from the best available elements. The featured title in the set, the 1928 part-talkie Lonesome, was less problematical. Check it out—and be amazed. Meanwhile, the three of us hope to have ascertained the correct pronunciation of 'Fejos' by showtime.

Also likely to get a look-in: director Milos Forman, currently having a season at SIFF Cinema; Otto Preminger's New Wave–inspiring Bonjour Tristesse, having a week's run at SIFF Cinema (Sept. 14-20); and Spielberg's E.T.—The Extra-Terrestrial, due for its first Blu-ray release and a reminder of what a good movie it was and is, oppressive pop familiarity notwithstanding.

NWFF is at 1515 12th Ave. (between Pine and Pike). Admittance to Framing Pictures is free. NWFF movies, you have to pay for.