Bayview in Queen Anne is one of more than 40 independent and assisted living communities in the West Coast to receive Echo Dots in a partnership between K4Connect and Amazon.

According to a press release, K4Connect, a technology company that creates solutions to serve and empower older adults and individuals living with disabilities, partnered with Amazon to launch the initiative to support senior living residents during COVID-19. K4Connect is distributing over 8,000 Echo Dots to independent and assisted living communities in West Coast regions highly affected by COVID-19, allowing residents to use voice technology to stay more connected while in isolation. Devices were donated by Amazon as part of a $5 million device donations program created in response to COVID-19 and will integrate with K4Community, K4Connect’s advanced enterprise solution designed for the residents and staff of senior living communities, according to the press release. The experience allows residents to immediately begin their voice experience with minimal involvement from community staff. Communities simply plug in the Echo devices and start enjoying all the benefits of Amazon Alexa, as well as various new capabilities from K4Connect that make community information, services, and communication just an “Alexa” request away.

“We are thrilled to partner with K4Connect and Amazon in bringing smart technology into resident apartments,” Bayview Director of Resident Services Heather Smith said. “This is a start in revolutionizing the way technology can transform and improve the lives of older adults. The senior living industry as a whole has been behind the curve with technology. This pandemic has sort of forced our hand in embracing innovation.”

Older adults are one of the most vulnerable and isolated populations experiencing this crisis, according to the K4Connect press release. Senior living communities are working hard to keep residents safe and engaged while managing the impacts the virus has had on daily operations and the resident experience. Technology has quickly emerged as another avenue to manage this, keeping residents connected informed and engaged during periods of quarantine. Voice technologies like Alexa are making this even more accessible. The natural interface means the resident experience is as easy as talking and allows community staff to easily reach hundreds of residents in an instant, according to the press release.

With the K4Community Voice integration with Amazon Alexa, Bayview can diversify how residents access information, such as through announcements and daily menus, creating new means of connection through voice-dialing with K4Community’s “Call My Neighbor” feature, and even reimagining daily activities with socially distanced or virtual events, according to the press release. K4Connect also recently released the K4Community Hotline, a recorded phone message feature that allows community staff to keep residents and families constantly updated while relieving high inbound call volumes. This feature is also easily accessible for residents via voice through Amazon Alexa.

“The opportunity to work with Amazon to serve older adults through this donation effort was obvious for us. COVID-19 has quickly magnified areas where voice technology can help, and fast - people need relief now,” K4Connect CEO and cofounder Scott Moody said in the press release. “Our enterprise solution allows us to deploy, manage, and support these devices at scale and fully remote, meaning residents get the relief they need quickly and community staff teams are not burdened by installing or managing the technology.”

K4Connect is the leading provider of enterprise-grade technologies for senior living communities, currently serving tens of thousands of residents at over 800 premier continuing care, independent living, assisted living and memory care communities across the nation, according to the press release. The company’s flagship solution, K4Community, brings together the best in technology to serve residents, staff and operators alike.

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About K4Connect:

Based in Raleigh, N.C., K4Connect is currently serving tens of thousands of senior living residents and staff at over 800 continuing care, independent living, assisted living and memory care communities across the nation.