The Seattle School Board has begun a redistricting process to reset the boundaries for each of the seven Board of Directors’ districts. Director district boundaries are different from school attendance area boundaries. This redistricting process will impact only the boundaries for director districts and will not affect where students go to school.

The community is asked to provide feedback on the draft map available on the district website,, at a public hearing that will be held as part of the School Board meeting this evening.

The seven Seattle School Board director positions cover different geographic areas in the city but are charged with representing all schools. During a primary, School Board candidates are voted on by those living within their district. In the general election, all positions are included in the citywide general election. 

Every 10 years, Seattle Public Schools is required to revise these boundaries, following the U.S. Census, to ensure the director districts are of nearly equal population. Directors elected in 2023 and beyond and voters for the primary must reside in the specific director district. 

Legally, the School Board must approve the redistricting plan by Nov. 15, 2022. No School Board positions are on the November 2022 ballot.