The King County Prosecutor’s Office has filed an assault charge against a 29-year-old Seattle man after his concealed handgun reportedly discharged in Lower Queen Anne, striking his Uber driver in the back.

Officers responded to Fourth Avenue and Mercer Street after Chad Strode called 911 around 3:15 a.m. on Tuesday, May 14, where they found Strode kneeling in the street with his hands raised.

The Uber driver was sitting in his Nissan Altima, and Strode had placed his 9mm handgun on the roof of the vehicle, according to a police report by Detective Donna Stangeland.

The Uber driver had his left leg outside the vehicle, and was not aware he’d been shot when officers contacted him, the report states.

“[The victim] said that he heard a noise and felt pain/heat in his leg and thought his car had exploded somehow and that he had been injured,” the report states. “He was informed that he had been shot. Officers noted there was a bullet hole in the driver’s seat of Ruiz’s car, and that Ruiz had a gunshot wound to his back.”

The report states Strode told officers he had consumed 7-8 shots of tequila at a park on Capitol Hill before calling an Uber. There had been no confrontation leading up the firearm discharging, Strode reportedly told officers, and he’d decided to get out at Fourth and Mercer to continue walking home.

“Strode said that as he was exiting the rear driver’s side seat of the car, his gun discharged and that the victim was shot,” the report states. “He reported that he does not have a holster for his gun and that he had it in the waistband of his pants.”

Strode has a valid concealed pistol license, but told officers he’d lost it, according to the report.

The Uber driver was transported to Harborview Medical Center, where he had to undergo surgery to save his left leg, which needed to be re-vascularized to restore blood flow, according to the complaint filed by the King County Prosecutor’s Office on May 15. At the time of the filing of the third-degree assault charge, the complaint states, the Uber driver was undergoing a second surgery.

“Although he is expected to survive, it is unclear at this juncture the full extent of his injuries,” the complaint states.

Bail for Strode was set at $100,000, and he is scheduled for arraignment on May 29.

“The defendant was intoxicated and recklessly and negligently handling a loaded pistol without regard for the safety of anyone around him,” the complaint states. “As a result of this gross deviation form societal expectations for the level of care in handling loaded firearms the victim, or others could very well have been killed.”

Harborview Medical Center tells Queen Anne News on Wednesday that the victim is in serious condition in the intensive care unit.