It is long past time for the Queen Anne Library to be opened for returning books and picking up holds. Due to the pandemic, families and students dealing with online schooling and all citizens of Queen Anne Hill have had our world diminished and constricted. We need access to books now more than ever.

The library has been closed since March. While many other libraries are open for returns and pick-ups, Queen Anne is still closed. My requests have been met with vague statements about the governor’s requirements and staff limitations, but these no longer suffice.

It appears to me that it is time to hold to account the chief librarian, the library board and the City Council for their failure to take even small steps to restore library service to Queen Anne.

It would take almost no budget to open a book drop. While staff might be needed to operate a pick-up site, their numbers and hours could be few. Staff would face no risks at Queen Anne that are not already being viewed as acceptable at other locations, including Magnolia and Ballard.

I have heard nothing of staff layoffs during this time, which begs the question of what are they doing that means they cannot provide service to Queen Anne?

We have a beautiful library, but the lesson I have learned is, what Andrew Carnegie giveth, the City of Seattle taketh away.

John Rose

Queen Anne