I’m a Seattle renter in nearby northwest Queen Anne, and I care about climate change and the role of people-oriented places to reduce car trips. Abundant housing above a grocery store is a great example of the type of development our whole city needs to champion and celebrate.

I support the Living Building Challenge.

What happens in Magnolia does not just impact Magnolia residents. Every green building is a step towards a better future for our whole city. We must do all we can, as soon as we can, for our climate. A lot of work was done to develop the Living Building Challenge. We love that it allows even more neighbors to live here, through an additional floor. This isn’t a giveaway to developers, it is a way to allow even more people to live less car-dependent lives. We support bus-frequency improvements to this community, and know that when housing and transit planning don’t sync up, there can be growing pains experienced. Those temporary growing pains are worth it for a more climate-friendly city.

Whose voices are being heard?

The future neighbors who will call this building their home will likely be left out of the discussions about this building. The people who have already been locked out of the neighborhood through scarce housing options might also be left out of these discussions. The tendency for existing land-owning neighbors of a new project to have a louder voice, and more weight in municipal decisions, is harming cities across North America. Learn more.

Please, Seattle, let’s show strong support for this project.

If you live in Magnolia, you have to be brave and speak to your neighbors with kindness and tell them why you think this is a good project.

Ahead of a May 26 Design Review Board meeting, please sign this petition and let’s show strong support for new neighbors, an updated grocery store and our city’s green building program.

The City of Seattle made a plan in 1994 towards the urban village strategy, which puts new housing near our business districts to promote walkable cities.

It is 2021 and there is deep urgency for cities to reduce as many car trips as possible. One way to do this is to put housing above grocery stores.

Join me in saying yes to new neighbors and yes to green buildings!

Sign the petition.

Laura Loe

Share The Cities executive director


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