Well, it took the post office six months to replace our drive-up mailbox by the tennis courts in Magnolia on 32nd Avenue West after vandalism on New Year's Eve, but it is just a smaller one pretending to be a drive-up mailbox.

It is indeed not a drive-up as it was placed where the old larger one was, and you cannot reach it from any car window. 

I called the carrier depot (206) 284-5958 to ask when it would be replaced with a larger one, and I was told, "We're working on it, but you can see how long it took to replace that one..."  I remain concerned for the disabled and elderly who rely on that box frequently and for whom walking into the post office isn't easy or simple. 

I urge the post office to think of the Americans with Disabilities Act when they don't act quickly on these matters. 

In a friendly voice, I assured the fellow with whom I spoke at the Interbay Depot I spoke that I'd be talking to him every month until the situation is remedied. I told him I was “the crank from Magnolia,” and he assured me he has had other calls. 

Keep up the pressure in a respectful tone. We used to have two drive-up mailboxes you could reach from inside a car. Service is eroding, and what is there is no suitable replacement.

K. Kennell