I was upset when the drive-up mailbox was removed from behind the post office in Magnolia. I lobbied for a new box just off Howe, by the tennis courts, many years ago. Another neighbor lobbied for a drive-up blue box at the U.S. Bank. Both are now gone, and we are without any drive-up access for mailing.

The one at U.S. Bank was removed for construction that may never happen to the north. The one at the tennis courts was damaged, and the post office is slow to replace it. Previously it was removed when someone had stolen mail from it. Why does it take so long? Months without access to a drive-up mailbox for the elderly and disabled who rely on it?

I urge Magnolia residents, who like me still send personal mail to friends and family, call and ask that the replacement be swift, 206-284-5958.

A drive-up mailbox should be in our neighborhood so that the ADA is honored as well as frequent patrons who send mail to the housebound, elderly and incarcerated who look forward to the mail like few others.


K. Kennell,