Last week’s front-page story, written by incoming McClure PTSA co-president Chris Karam, detailed McClure Middle School’s recent successes. The story ran long, but so is McClure’s list of accomplishments.

Karam is not a news reporter, but she was uniquely positioned to relate McClure’s high points, and she did so in a cogent, factual, readable manner.

We welcome informed, community voices like hers in our newspaper. What goes on in our schools is very much a matter of public interest, whether our readers have children in the classroom or not.

Seattle Public Schools’ travails at the administrative level in recent years are one thing — what happens in the classrooms and hallways of our schools is another. The achievements ticked off in Karam’s article were based on hard work, applied thinking and follow-through by parents, administration and teachers at McClure. That story is taking place at our other neighborhood schools, too.

But McClure is a little different: It’s had its share of bad raps in the past. Those days are clearly over.

If last week’s paper is recycled, the story can still be read at McClure’s achievements should make us all proud.