SIFF Cinema Uptown’s screening of “The Animal People" will be held from 6-9 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 27.

The Animal People tells the story of a protest campaign that brought an international corporation to the brink of collapse, resulting in one of the most extensive FBI investigations in U.S. history, and the indictment of six young American activists for terrorism,” according to the website at

The movie cast activists from the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) 7—an animal rights campaign to stop Huntingdon Life Sciences due to their cruel animal testing.

Featured in the film is Darius Fullmer, one of the SHAC 7 who is now an attorney for Sea Shepard Conservation Society, an international non-profit marine wildlife conservation organization.

The police set up this free speech zone, which makes you wonder then, ‘What’s everything outside of the free speech zone?’” Fullmer said.

Due to corporate institutions of power, the United States Congress re-wrote laws prior to prosecuting these activists around free speech, which were later used against Occupy Wall Street at Black Lives Matter, according to the event page at

Any threat to cause a loss of profit to a corporation is now considered an act of terrorism,” attorney, author, and specialist on this topic, Heidi Boghosian said.

Following the film, cast members Jake Conroy and Josh Harper will answer questions from the audience.

Tickets are $12 and all proceeds go to Northwest Animal Rights Network (NARN) and Project Fang.

NARN is a nonprofit working to raise awareness to end animal exploitation, according to their website at

Project Fang is a prisoner support organization for earth and animal liberation prisoners, according to their website, at

Event organizer Kimberly Sandie from Seattle Vegan Life felt the film got lost and is excited for more people to see it now.

It’s amazing the grassroots support it is getting around the world at independent showings like ours,” Sandie said, “NARN and I are so grateful for SIFF Supports program.”