In the midst of Seattle’s ongoing housing crisis, we are frequently asked what people can do to help.

Homelessness can be a seemingly overwhelming problem without an easy solution. Not everyone can make a large donation or attend big fundraising events, but many folks still feel like they want to contribute. In response, Queen Anne Helpline has come up with two new programs aimed at education and meeting the needs of prospective donors and clients.

The first program we’re launching is our “House Parties for Homelessness” series of events, aiming to bring our community together and engage in a civic-minded good time.

House parties encourage residents to invite friends and neighbors to bring small-scale contributions, such as items for our linen, hygiene, food or adult clothing banks, have dinner, desserts or drinks, and chat: What does the helpline do? Where are Seattle and homelessness prevention service areas like ours in Queen Anne, South Lake Union and Magnolia in terms of need, and what’s currently being done to help? It’s a ligåçhter touch than volunteering and easily accessible for anyone who would like to participate. We have a tool kit ready to go for those interested and are happy to provide planning assistance for your personalized party.

The second program we’re introducing is our monthly Pillar Partners Program ­— an easy, donate-through-Paypal organizing effort to promote monthly donations in amounts that fit comfortably within the scope of Pillars’ personal budgets. These frequent, scaled donations hold up our organization and keep roofs over the heads of the clients we serve, promoting the idea that you don’t have to be a big spender to make a big impact.

For more information, visit, or call 206-282-1540, and we’ll be happy to guide you through either program.