Queen Anne Helpline is partnering with Bite Box restaurant for a Happy Hour For Home fundraiser  on Thursdays through June.


For $75 for a party of two or $100 for a party of four, people can receive a sampler plate from Bite Box, with proceeds benefiting Queen Anne Helpline.

Orders must be placed by 2 p.m. Wednesday for pickup between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. Thursday.

To order, or for more information, email HH4H@queenannehelpline.org, or go to queenannehelpline.org/happy-hour-for-home.


The Queen Anne Helpline is also looking for new members to serve on the organization’s board of directors.


People who are interested in serving or know anyone who may be a good fit should contact:

Cara Lauer, Executive Director

Queen Anne Helpline


311 W. McGraw St. Seattle, WA 98119