For the August installment of its 2nd Saturday series, Mirror Stage presents a twist on the classic game show “Hollywood Squares.” The event will feature local theater artists playing for the charities of their choice. The game will begin at 5 p.m. Aug. 8 in a live-streamed event on Mirror Stage’s YouTube channel

Based on the television game show, two contestants will select from nine squares arranged in a tick-tack-toe board to place their X or O on the board. The person representing the selected square will answer a Seattle-related question on topics including arts and culture, history, trivia, general knowledge and social justice, and the player agrees or disagrees to win the square. The player to get three in a row correct wins. With each game, $100 will be donated to the winning player’s chosen charity. An extra $50 will be awarded for each Secret Square successfully answered. The featured squares include Michael D. Blum, Manny Cawaling, Peggy Gannon, Kathy Hsieh, Lola Meraz, George Mount, Sarah Russell, Sharon N. Williams and an artist still to be confirmed, who are also playing for charities of their choice.

Mirror Stage’s 2nd Saturday series offers digital programming to keep people virtually connected while it’s not yet safe to gather in person. For more information, go to