Children waited with varying degrees of patience as the Paramount got ready to open the house for Disney’s “Frozen,” the hit Broadway musical.

In town until March 1, with showtimes and ticket information can be found at The musical is the Broadway treatment of the popular animated movie of the same name.

As such, children were barely able to contain their excitement as they waited, many of them in the costumes of their favorite characters from the film.

Paramount staff offered little cushions for the kiddos to sit on to increase their heights as they sat in their seats. Some of the littlest children even had two cushions.

The play is about two sisters, one becoming a queen and the other a princess. Elsa, the queen, has magical powers that she had to keep secret from her sister to keep the latter, Anna, safe. Elsa previously hurt Anna when she couldn’t control her powers. Anna had to be revived by the people of the mountains, notably changed from the source film’s trolls. However, Anna’s memories of Elsa’s powers were removed. As the musical goes on, Elsa accidentally lets loose her magic, freezing the summer and running off to a magical frozen fortress of her own creation in the mountains. Anna is then tasked to retrieve her sister to stop the eternal winter.

This play is jam-packed with power ballads like “Let it Go,” the musical number that Elsa sings as she finally lets her magic flow freely after a lifetime of concealment. Caroline Bowman absolutely brings down the house in this role, causing the audience to lose its collective mind.

Anna, played by Caroline Innerbichler, is absolutely hilarious as the quirky, sheltered princess who just wants to be loved.

Since Elsa had to shut Anna away from her powers, the two’s relationship suffered over time. The play truly becomes one about the love two sisters share as they fight for each other's futures, ending in sacrificial love for one another.

Early in the musical, the two princesses are played by children, and it is my pleasure to say that Jaiden Klein’s Elsa and Arwen Monzon-Sanders’ Anna were adorable and full of musical talent.

The show uses exquisite staging to show off Elsa’s magical powers, and the set changed effortlessly between castles and mountain-scapes throughout.

Overall, this show is great entertainment for all ages, but it truly feels like a dream come true for the children as they see their favorite animated characters come to life.