This list of crimes was compiled from censored police reports from the Seattle Police Department.


Dumpster climbing

Police responded to a business in the 300 block of West Galer Street that had been burglarized overnight on Jan. 11.

The employee who reported the burglary told police that, after the business closed at 9 p.m., a burglar climbed in through an open window, broke the office door, went into the cash safe and stole some money. The burglar left through the same window.

The employee said that the window has always been left open because it was so high that it didn’t seem like anyone could have accessed it.

Police believe the burglar was able to access the window from the outside by climbing on a Dumpster directly below the window. Once inside, the suspect kicked the door of the office, breaking the door jam. The burglar was able to access the safe inside the office, possibly because the safe door was left unlocked.

The burglar took one cash bag containing $150 from inside the safe, leaving behind another cash bag. The suspect also took another $550 in petty cash and 10 rolls of quarters.


Failed burglary

On Jan. 11, around 8 a.m., police were dispatched to investigate an attempted burglary at a business in the 2000 block of 15th Avenue West.

An employee met police and told them that, sometime between 7:30 p.m. the previous evening and 7:45 a.m., when he arrived, someone threw a chunk of concrete through a double-pane window near the main entrance. The hole left was not big enough for someone to get through.

The suspect wasn’t able to enter the building.


Stolen tools

Workers at a construction site in the 900 block of Olympic Way West called 911 at 8:23 a.m. on Jan. 12 to report that someone broke into a trailer over the weekend and took their tools. The theft happened between 4:30 p.m. on Jan. 9 and 7:30 a.m. on Jan. 12.

The thief pried off and pried open a key lockbox, took out the key and opened the secured trailer.


Electronic thief

At 9:03 a.m. on Jan. 8, police responded to a residential burglary call at a home in 1500 block of Taylor Avenue North.

The victims said that, between 5:15 and 8 p.m. the previous evening, someone broke into their house by prying open a back window and breaking the window latch.

The burglar took an Xbox, video games, headphones, a laptop computer, tablet computers, a remote-controlled toy, a dental retainer and two backpacks.

The burglar also trapped the victims’ dog in a bedroom.


Destructive burglar

A man in the 3200 block of 44th Avenue West called 911 after returning home on Jan. 10 to find his home had been broken into and ransacked.

The man told police he and a friend left around 6:30 p.m. and returned around 10:30 p.m. They entered through the garage door and immediately noticed a door leading into the backyard was open and a basement window had been shattered.

When police arrived and checked out the home, they noticed that, for the burglar to enter the house, he had to break through the double-pane window and then break the dry wall that had been covering it from the inside.

The contents of a closet and dressers in a bedroom had been emptied onto the floor.

The electronics were taken, and the screen of an LCD television mounted on the wall had been shattered, as was another TV in a bedroom. The amount of damage done to the residence was more than $4,000 worth.

The victim told police the suspect stole a laptop computer, a desktop computer, a video-gaming system, a home surveillance camera, a gold wedding band, a set of silver cufflinks and a name-brand handbag. They were worth more than $5,000.


Broken window

On Jan. 9, police were dispatched to a possible forced burglary at a home in the 600 block of First Avenue West.

The victim said she had been out the previous night, while her roommate had left around 4 a.m. She said the house was locked and secure when he left.

When she returned around 3 p.m., she noticed a broken window. She then noticed several items were missing.

Stolen were two laptops computers, two tablet computers and a gold necklace with pendant, which the victim said is worth about $10,000. Other items were also taken, but she was still trying to determine what was missing.