Garage burglary

A man in the 2600 block of West Manor Place called 911 on April 2 to report his garage had been broken into sometime overnight.

Several items were reported stolen from the garage but were not noted in the police report.


Pried cabinets

Employees of an office in the 100 block of Nickerson Street called 911 on the morning of April 7 to report that, over the weekend, someone entered the office and damaged two filing cabinets by prying the top drawers open. Nothing was taken from inside the filing cabinets.

Employees said this burglary is strange in a couple ways. First, they couldn’t tell how the burglar entered as there were no signs of forced entry, and the door was closed and locked when they arrived that morning. Secondly, several expensive electronics like laptop computers were left out in plain sight, and they weren’t disturbed. 


Park robbery

Police responded to Kerry Park at 2 a.m. on March 30 in response to 911 calls reporting shots were fired. They found a group of two women and a man, who said they’d just been robbed at gunpoint at Third Avenue West and West Prospect Street.

They’d been in the park when two men with their faces covered by handkerchiefs approached them with handguns drawn.

They demanded the victim’s wallets and cell phones and then told them to run before firing shots into the air and fleeing to a vehicle.

Police stopped a similar vehicle in the area, but the victims couldn’t confirm its occupants to be the suspects.

Police identified the driver and his passengers and then released them, but they seized the vehicle, pending further investigation. 


Garage break-in

On March 28 at 9:45 a.m., police responded to a reported burglary to a detached garage at a home on Warren Avenue North.

The victim said he returned from a trip on March 23, unpacked and hung his equipment inside his garage. He didn’t return to his garage until March 26, when he discovered his equipment and bicycle were gone.

He said the garage wasn’t locked, but it is set away from the street, and there are motion-sensor lights on the garage.

He told police his car has been broken into and other nuisance property crimes have occurred while he’s lived in the neighborhood; however, this incident was particularly troublesome to him because the burglar had to enter deep onto his property.

The man reported the following items stolen from the garage: a bicycle, a tent, a sleeping bag and a sleeping mat, worth a total of $1,300.


Busted bike thieves

On March 19, the Seattle Police Department’s West Precinct detectives arrested a bike thief who allegedly stole bikes from Queen Anne and other Seattle neighborhood residents and sold them online.

Police received a tip on Twitter about a suspicious Craigslist seller who was frequently posting high-end bikes on the site at discounted prices.

After investigating the seller and discovering he had posted more than 10 bikes for sale on Craigslist, detectives posing as interested purchasers set up a meeting with the suspect.

After showing them several bikes, the suspect took the detectives to a storage unit housing 27 bikes and about 30 expensive bike rims. Detectives bought one bike from the suspect and brought it back to the West Precinct, where, after investigation, it was confirmed stolen.

The suspect was arrested, and the investigation is still pending.

Police have posted photos of the stolen bikes on the department’s website ( in hopes of returning them to their rightful owners. Citizens who recognize their bikes are asked to contact Seattle Police with proof that the bike is theirs, with a receipt, an SPD case number or a photo of the bike.