Burgled businesses

On March 25 at 1:22 a.m., police responded to a commercial burglary alarm at a business in the 200 block of Nickerson Street. While investigating the incident, they noticed that there was forced entry to the business next door.

On the original burglary, police were unable to determine the exact point of entry. There were pry marks by the front door, but the business owner said some of them were old. In this burglary, a computer was taken from inside the office.

In the second burglary, it was obvious to police that the burglar used a large tool to pry open the front door of the business. The burglar had to simultaneously pry two locks on the door to get in. 

It didn’t look like anything was taken during this burglary, and an employee who responded said nothing was missing.


Ransack nightmare

On March 27, police responded to a burglary call at a home on Magnolia Way after a construction worker noticed the main floor of the house had been ransacked. The homeowners left the house at 6:30 a.m. and the construction worker, who is also related to the victims, arrived at noon.

The construction worker said he didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary when he got to the house at noon, but he entered through the basement, where he was working. About two hours later, he went upstairs and noticed that the main floor looked like it had been ransacked. 

He called the victims, who arrived home right away and confirmed that they hadn’t left their home in such disarray when they left for work that morning.

Almost all of the shelves and drawers in the house had been dumped on the floors, beds and furniture. The pictures on the walls were askew, and some had fallen off the walls. Police suspect that the burglars moved the pictures in an effort to locate a safe or hidden storage space. 

The victims noticed that some electronics and jewelry had been taken, including a small stereo system, a camera, computers, speakers, a video recorder, a watch, a diamond necklace, diamond earrings and a diamond bracelet. 

Some items of value that are typically taken in similar burglaries were left behind, such as high-priced alcohol, cigars, coins and some other jewelry.

The burglar also broken into a hidden storage room. The victim told police that his shotgun had been moved but not taken. 

The victim said that they had contractors in their home in the past month. He pointed out a window near the side entrance that was found unlocked; he thinks the burglars came in through this window. Police later observed that half of the window lock had been removed from the inside. The two screws that held the bracket were found on the floor near the window. 

Police spoke with several neighbors, and one reported seeing a group of suspicious looking men walking around the neighborhood at about 9:30 a.m.


Under the covers

On March 28 at 9:08 a.m., police were dispatched to an occupied burglary in progress in the 3300 block of 38th Avenue West. 

The victim said she was sleeping in her bedroom when she heard the doorbell ring three times, but she ignored it. A little bit later, she heard banging at the back door, and shortly after that, she heard the adjacent bedroom door open. 

The victim said that she hid under the covers and heard her bedroom door open. Suddenly, someone pulled the covers off of the bed and said, “There’s someone in here.” The burglars then ran out of the house. 

A neighbor was on his front porch when he saw the burglars running from the victim’s house northbound, then westbound onto West Bertona Street. 

Police checked the back door and saw pry marks near the lock, and the doorframe was broken. 

The victim’s husband and son showed up and did a quick inventory of the house. The only thing that was disturbed was a laptop that was moved from a desk and left on the couch by the front door.

Stolen guitar

On March 29 at 11:19 p.m., police responded to a residential burglary in the 2500 block of 13th Avenue West. The victim was waiting for police in front of her home. 

She said she returned home to find the front door pried open. Both the door and doorframe were damaged; the lock was found on the floor near the door.

The victim noticed her acoustic guitar was missing. A jewelry box containing a small diamond ring and a pearl necklace was also taken.

The landlord was in the home on the March 22 for repairs, while the resident was gone. Also, her neighbor said he noticed an indoor light was on the previous evening around midnight but was off when he returned home at 11 a.m.