Based on unofficial 2022 primary election results, candidates Julia Reed and Jeff Manson are set to advance to the general election in the contested District 36 state representative race.

Reed emerged the leader on election night, Aug. 2, garnering over 11,000 votes, and that lead has increased, as of Friday. Manson also secured his place on November’s ballot. As of Friday, he had 5,846 votes, while candidate Waylon Robert had 4,481 votes, only slightly more than the remaining two challengers Nicole Gomez Elizabeth Tyler Crone.

Reed and Manson are vying for District 36 state representative position 1, which is currently filled by Noel Frame. After state Sen. Reuven Carlyle announced he would not seek reelection, Frame opted to fill his seat, leaving the position 1 seat open for a newcomer. Frame will be facing Sara Martin in November’s general election. State Rep. Liz Berry is running unopposed for District 36 position 2.

In other primary races, based on unofficial results, incumbent U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, a Democrat, and challenger Tiffany Smiley, a Republican, will advance to November’s general election, according to results released Saturday.

In the U.S. representative race for Congressional District 7, Democratic incumbent Rep. Jamila Jayapal will advance, with Cliff Moon, a Republican, leading among her challengers, as of Saturday. In the Washington Secretary of State race, incumbent Steve Hobbs will take on nonpartisan challenger Julie Anderson.


Election results as of Saturday


U.S. Senator (statewide results): Vote, Vote percentage

Henry Clay Dennison, Socialist Workers Party: 12,587, 0.71 percent

Mohammad Hassan Said, Democratic Party: 12,613, 0.71 percent

John Guenther, Republican Party: 50,162, 2.83 percent

Tiffany Smiley, Republican Party: 587,647, 33.14 percent

Dan Phan Doan, No party preference: 2,809, 0.16 percent

Dr. Pano Churchill, Democratic Party: 10,771, 0.61 percent

Dave Saulibio, JFK Republican Party: 17,475, 0.99 percent

Sam Cusmir, Democratic Party: 2,450, 0.14 percent

Bill Hirt, Republican Party: 14,029, 0.79

Jon Butler, Independent Party: 4,812, 0.27 percent

Bryan Solstin, Democratic Party: 8,790, 0.5 percent

Martin D. Hash, No party preference: 4,301, 0.24 percent

Patty Murray, Democratic Party: 941,428, 53.09 percent

Thor Amundson, Independent Party: 4,664, 0.26 percent

Charlie (Chuck) Jackson, Independent Party: 7,759, 0.44 percent

Naz Paul, Independent Party: 16,922, 0.95 percent

Ravin Pierre, Democratic Party: 19,978, 1.13 percent

Leon Lawson, Trump Republican Party: 52,796, 2.98 percent

Write-in: 1,383, 0.08 percent

Total: 1,773,376


Congressional District 7

U.S. Representative (Statewide results): Votes, Percentage

Cliff Moon, Republican Party: 15,191, 7.54 percent

Pramila Jayapal, Democratic Party: 170,683, 84.71 percent

Jesse A. James, Independent Party: 4,616, 2.29 percent

Paul Glumaz, Republican Party: 10,462, 5.19 percent

Write-in: 534, 0.27 percent

Total votes: 201,486



Secretary of State: Votes, Vote percentage

Bob Hagglund, Republican Party: 205,188, 11.85 percent

Kurtis Engle, Union Party: 6,240, 0.36 percent

Marquez Tiggs, Democratic Party: 136,256, 7.87 percent

Tamborine Borrelli, America First (R) Party: 76,591, 4.43 percent

Steve Hobbs, Democratic Party: 702,886, 40.61 percent

Keith L. Wagoner, Republican Party: 206,872, 11.95 percent

Mark Miloscia, Republican Party: 171,736, 9.92 percent

Julie Anderson, Nonpartisan Party: 223,741, 12.93 percent

Write-in: 1,361, 0.08 percent

Total votes: 1,730,851


Legislative District 36

State Representative Pos. 1: Votes, Vote percentage

Elizabeth Tyler Crone, Democratic Party: 4,080, 9.51 percent

Julia G. Reed, Democratic Party: 23,604, 55.04 percent

Jeff Manson, Democratic Party: 5,846, 13.63 percent

Waylon Robert, Democratic Party: 4,481, 10.45 percent

Nicole D. Gomez, Democratic Party: 4,468, 10.42 percent

Write-in: 405, 0.94 percent

Total votes: 42,884