More than 650 comments about the upcoming West Seattle and Ballard Link Extensions were submitted in the last two weeks, which will be used to help Sound Transit narrow down possible light rail alternatives.

Because of the large response and audiences at recent public meetings, Sound Transit is expanding the public comment portion of the West Seattle and Ballard scoping process to April 2. The scoping period started in mid-February.

Sound Transit published a Level 3 draft evaluation matrices in January that assesses all three proposed alternatives, including reliability, travel times, connectivity, capacity, demand, feasibility, service, economic impacts, sustainability and modal integration.

Anyone interested at viewing the alternatives and studies can visit Sound Transit’s online open house and make comments here. Comments can also be made by calling 833-972-2666 or writing to: West Seattle and Ballard Link Extensions, Lauren Swift, Sound Transit, 401 S. Jackson St. Seattle, WA 98104.