The Seattle Monorail this week marked the groundbreaking and start of construction a series of major improvements to help shape the future of the Seattle institution.

According to a press release, the improvements are a part of Climate Pledge Arena and The Seattle Kraken’s investment in the Seattle Monorail.

In 2020, the organizations announced that all fans traveling to Seattle Kraken games will have free transportation via ORCA Card, including use of the Monorail.

The construction, which will be complete in fall 2021, will include: 

• Modernizations that will double system capacity

• Increase the size of the passenger boarding area at Westlake Station

• Allow boarding through all eight doors to speed up trips

• Addition of ticket machines and ORCA card faregate readers 

The Monorail will suspend passenger service from April 12-30 but will resume operation and remain open throughout the rest of the construction process.