A police report states David Lee Morris had considered killing the mother of his child months prior to Gabrielle Garcia’s stabbing death on Friday.

Morris, 30, is being held in King County Jail, and probable cause for first-degree murder was established in King County Superior Court on Saturday.

Police responded to the food court in the Seattle Center Armory following several 911 reports of a woman having been stabbed around 4:19 p.m. Nov. 2.

Officers found Garcia, 28, near MOD Pizza in the Armory, with multiple lacerations to her neck. She died shortly after arriving at Harborview Medical Center, according to the police report. She’d had a protection order against Morris at the time.

Officers determined the stabbing had occurred in front of Morris and Garcia’s 5-year-old son.

One witness told officers they saw Morris strangling Garcia and “possibly punching or stabbing the victim five or six times in the neck,” the report states. The witness said she yelled at Morris, and another witness threw a chair. One witness near the MOD Pizza kitchen went to Garcia to render aid after Morris allegedly fled.

Video taken by local photographer Eric DeAngelo shows a man holding a gun on Morris, his hands bloody, outside the Armory. Morris reportedly told investigators he’d encouraged the man to shoot him, according to the police report. One man is seen pepper spraying Morris, but with little effect.


The police report states officers found Morris at Fifth Avenue North and Thomas Street, and that he initially did not comply with orders to drop his knife. He was taken into custody after being tased twice, according to the report.

Morris allegedly told investigators he had killed Garcia to make a better life for his 5-year-old son, and that he had considered doing so in April or May, but decided to try to fix their relationship, according to the report.

He reportedly told investigators he did not like Garcia bringing other men into their son’s life and, because he knew he wouldn’t get custody, he believed Garcia dying was best for the child.

They had all met at the Pacific Science Center, and Morris allegedly told investigators he considered killing her there, but decided to continue talking about their relationship.

After buying their son some pizza, Morris said he again tried to talk to Garcia about their relationship. He allegedly decided to kill her when she tried to excuse herself to go to the restroom, according to the police report, because he thought she was going to call her attorney.

“He pulled out his knife and cornered Gabrielle by the table and thrust the knife into her neck numerous times,” the report states. “He said he knew the first penetration did not hit the jugular properly so he plunged it in and out several more times. Morris said (the child) was sitting right there in clear view of what was transpiring. Morris acknowledged this may traumatize (the child) if he remembers it but he hopes he represses the memories.”

Morris will have his second appearance in King County Superior Court on Monday, Nov. 5.