Seattle Education Association and Seattle Public Schools have reached a tentative agreement to support layered COVID-19 health and safety strategies to protect schools and communities.

The agreement provides families and staff with transparency around the safety measures agreed to for the 2021-22 school year, according to a press release.

Strategies include required masking; improved ventilation and air quality; cleaning and disinfecting; physical distancing; handwashing; staying home when sick; contact tracing; and responding to symptoms and cases of COVID.

The agreement, which surpasses state health recommendations, includes:

• Increased family education around staying home when sick, including communications in multiple languages;

• Clear alignment on safety measures throughout the district through active building safety teams;

• High-quality airflow and HVAC upgrade commitments to ensure air quality exceeds accepted standards, including additional mitigation in rooms with higher transmission risk (e.g., designated healthcare room; band room; choir room);

• Masking requirements for students that address safety throughout the school day.

According to the release, bargaining teams will return to the table, as needed, to adopt new strategies designed to keep communities safe. More information will be distributed to families by email and on the SPS website.