Queen Anne Helpline needs warm clothing for men, pants in smaller men’s sizes and winter coats for adults. It also needs pre-packed groceries, double bagged, consisting of:

• Five individual packets of instant oatmeal or a box of cereal

• Two individual-serving bottle/cans of juice

• Two individual-serving cups of fruit or applesauce

• One can of soup

• One can of chili

• A sleeve of crackers

• Three granola bars

• A small jar of peanut butter OR can of tuna

• One package of pasta plus one jar/can of pasta sauce

• One box of Rice-a-Roni, or similar

• One can of beans

• One can of corn

• One can of fruit/fruit cocktail

• One tube of toothpaste

• One roll of toilet paper

• One bar of soap

Queen Anne Helpline accepts bags from noon to 3 p.m. Mondays and Thursdays at its loading dock, 311 W. McGraw St. People should not leave items at other times or overnight. To confirm a drop off, email lbarnes@queenannehelpline.org, or call 206-282-1540.

People who prefer to donate money for these efforts can give at https://www.queenannehelpline.org/support-us.html.