The Queen Anne Community Council will receive updates on plans for the Mayfair Park Stairway and Retaining Wall Replacement Project and the 12th Avenue West and West Howe Street Park Restoration Project during its next meeting 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 5.

Mayfair Park, 2600 Second Ave. N., is in a major maintenance design phase to determine how to mitigate the replacement of aging timber structures.

12th West and West Howe Park, 1200 W. Howe St., is connected to the Southwest Queen Anne Greenbelt, and is being looked at for removal of park features and restoration as expanded greenbelt space.

Updates will be provided by Seattle Parks and Recreation planner Libby Hudson during the June 5 QACC meeting.

The Queen Anne Community Council meets at Queen Anne Manor, 100 Crockett St.