The Queen Anne Community Council will hold its election for board members on Sept. 21.

Of the 22 board seats, 11 are up for election this year, and QACC invites anyone interested and eligible in serving to submit a letter of interest. People who live or work on Queen Anne are eligible to serve.

To become a candidate, applicants should submit a one-page letter describing themselves and why they would like to serve on the board to no later than Aug. 24. They should include in their letters areas of interest about which they are passionate.

Submissions will be publicized prior to the actual election. Everyone who applies and is eligible will be on the ballot at the Sept. 22 election.

The Queen Anne Community Council is a volunteer, non-profit organization of residents and business owners whose primary purpose is to advocate for the betterment of the Queen Anne Community.

The Board of Trustees serves as the steward of these efforts through active engagement with the community, sharing information with residents, city officials and other organizations.

Board members are asked to commit to participate in at least one committee or project, engage in the work of the board and spend a minimum of four to six hours per month on QACC work.

The QACC has an increasingly active organization, and people can participate in numerous community projects.

Learn more by visiting the QACC website, or emailing any of our current board members at