The last day people can comment on the proposed routes included in the Sound Transit West Seattle and Ballard Link Extensions light rail plan is April 28, but local community council members want to make that process easier for residents.

Once complete, the Sound Transit 3 project, which is an 11.8-mile corridor through Seattle, will expand the regional light rail system from downtown Seattle to West Seattle and north from downtown Seattle to Ballard.

Both the Queen Anne and Magnolia councils have been reviewing the proposed routes included in Sound Transit’s draft environmental impact statement for the light rail segment that will run through Interbay and end in Ballard and are finalizing their comments to be submitted.

Paula Mueller, Queen Anne Community Council president, said last week that a document that includes all of their suggestions and comments will be posted on the QACC website,, by Friday.

Once posted, residents be able to read what Queen Anne and Magnolia representatives’ concerns and suggestions are for the preferred alternatives proposed by ST3, the document will also allow people to submit their own comments or support the recommendations and choices included by using different links.

To view recent documents and information presented by Magnolia Community Council member Janis Traven, who is representing Magnolia on one of the community advisory groups, go to:

For more information on the WSBLE draft EIS project or how to comment, go to