Beginning as soon as this week, Magnolia and Elliott Bay Marina residents should be prepared for nighttime welding work at Terminal 91 as part of the Northwest Fender Project, which is replacing the deteriorated timber fender system at berths K, L and M. According to the Port of Seattle, the steel piles arrived later than expected due to the world-wide supply chain challenges. Welding work must be completed on each pile at low tide when that portion of the pile is above water. 

The delay means that due to seasonal shifts in tides, welding must now take place during nighttime low tides between 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. for up to four to six weeks. However, pile installation will only occur during daytime hours.

The nighttime noise sources would be welding equipment, generators and a fork lift to move materials into place. Port staff is working with the contractor on fork lifts with quieter, low frequency alarms and will also look to mitigate lighting issues from the required lights. 

Port of Seattle staff have conducted preliminary noise monitoring of the construction equipment and have also consulted with the City’s Department of Construction and Inspections. Noise levels appear to be within allowable levels, however, staff will stay in touch with SDCI regarding neighborhood concerns.  

Residents can contact the Port at either or ( 206) 787-3751. Both are monitored.

This work is critical to getting the berths back on line for the fishing vessel fleet and other users, according to the announcement. The $6.5 million project will wrap up about Nov. 15.