Courtesy Photo: A sample room at the Maxwell Hotel gets ready to be occupied.
Courtesy Photo: A sample room at the Maxwell Hotel gets ready to be occupied.

Uptown’s Maxwell Hotel’s staff want it to be an integral thread in the fabric of Queen Anne.

Lacey King, general manager, and Barbara Young, sales manager, said that’s why they hosted a complimentary happy hour in the Hotel’s Pineapple Bistro & Bar last week. Folks were invited to join the hotel in drinks and tasty bites of food.

The hotel will be hosting another community happy hour from 4-6 p.m. Tuesday, March 24.

The Pineapple Bistro & Bar is a relatively new addition to the hotel, having opened in July of 2018.

King said they transformed part of the lobby area into the bistro and bar to create another amenity for the guests — something to enhance that guest experience. Not just for convenience, but also to “do ordinary food extraordinarily well.”

We like to say we are in Queen Anne’s living room,” King said. “We try to make that connection, and with our new addition of the Pineapple Bistro & Bar we are definitely looking to grow our relationship as well.”

Young said that the great thing about having the Pineapple Bistro & Bar in the lobby area is it really opened up the space and made it more welcoming.

So whether you’re a neighbor that lives nearby, if you’re a guest that is staying in the hotel — anyone coming through we want to invite you to have a drink at the bistro and bar or grab a cookie and a cup of coffee,” Young said. “We have afternoon delights every afternoon.”

These delights come in the form of on-brand pineapple shortbread cookies and some coffee placed out for everyone to enjoy.

The hotel is part of the Staypineapple brand, part of Pineapple Hospitality Company.

Staypineapple, as a brand, we focus on doing hospitality differently,” King said. “We are a unique hotel experience. We are based out of Bellevue. So our owner and CEO, Michelle Barnet, it was her passion to create a unique experience for our guests. So in 2010, she built the Maxwell Hotel.”

One of the focal points for the hotel is arts in the neighborhood. To that end, king said the hotel likes to make connections with McCaw Hall, the ballet, and all the theaters that sit nearby.

Queen Anne is a very artful community so if you look around the hotel we are very loud in our design,” King said. “We like to enjoy the space that we’re in and be creative and fun.”

The hotel is decorated in vibrant colors and furniture designed to be interesting focal points.

Ultimately, though, King said the idea is for people to call the Maxwell Hotel a good neighbor.

We want to be the neighborhood place that you come to,” she said. “When your wifi is not working in your house, you are more than welcome to come join us in our lobby. We have a lot of space here.”

Young added to that sentiment by saying that people don’t need an invitation to get involved with what the hotel has to offer.

Just come in the door,“ she said. “It’s how you’ll get involved. Our staff will greet you. We will be sure to provide an extraordinary experience whether it’s just coming in for a cup of coffee or you are staying the night, or you are hosting your wedding here. Whatever it is, as soon as you walk in those doors, we’ll make sure you’re involved with the experiences here.”

The hotel offers meeting spaces as well — an 80-person ballroom and a 12-person boardroom. Both rooms have whiteboards and screens built in for the use of guests, and those renting the space. AV equipment is also available to rent, but folks can bring their own at no additional cost.

Interested parties can also make use of the kitchen’s catering services for onsite and offsite events, or rent out the Pineapple Bar and Bistro for a casual meeting space.

We really just want to be your goto neighbor for whatever you need,” King said.

To make use of these services, contact Young at 425-974-7173 or at

Each room has a stuffed dog on the beds, the hotel’s mascot.

We have a mascot — Dash, the Pineapple Pup,” King said. “You can purchase a Dash and a portion of the proceeds go to help the Seattle Humane Society.”

This service is part of the hotel’s dog-friendly policy.

We like to say that we are not just dog-friendly, but we are dog-obsessed,” King said. “So we love people to come in with their dogs and just be another guest, like a four-legged guest.”

The hotel also has an indoor pool, Young said.

You can’t do laps in it, but it is a great place to thaw and just warm up and soak for a little bit and relax,” she said.

Rooms can be reserved by going to, by calling 206-286-0629 or by visiting the hotel at 300 Roy St, in Uptown.

Maxwell hotel is part of the Queen Anne Chamber of Commerce.