Darby Cheever
Darby Cheever

For the second year in a row, local high school student Darby Cheever, 14, has organized a pet food drive to benefit Pasado’s Safe Haven and its Pasado’s Pet Homelessness Prevention Program, which provides pet food to families in need.

In an email, Cheever’s father, Bart, said his daughter organized her first food drive last year after reading how families had to give up their pets for adoption after losing their jobs in the pandemic or had to choose between caring for their pets or paying their bills because pet food can’t be purchased with food stamps.

During last summer’s food drive, people primarily from the Magnolia, Queen Anne and Ballard neighborhoods donated more than two tons of dog and cat food.

This year, Cheever enlisted a large group of students from her high school to actively promote the drive across the city.

People can donate to the pet food drive through the end of July. To arrange for a donation pick-up, email seattlepetfooddrive@gmail.com.