U.S. District Court Judge John C. Coughenour is being asked by the City of Seattle to change the case schedule in an ongoing legal battle with Elizabeth Campbell and her Discovery Park Community Alliance group over redevelopment plans at the decommissioned Fort Lawton Army Reserve Center site in Magnolia.

Campbell filed a land-use petition challenging plans to redevelop the Fort Lawton site for affordable housing back in June. Her second attorney, Allen Miller, submitted a notice of withdrawal as legal counsel on Dec. 6, as Campbell was unable to pay for his services. Campbell attempted to fire her previous attorney with the law firm Dickson Frohlich in early August, but the court denied her motion. The firm ended up filing its own motion to withdraw, which was granted.

The Seattle City Attorney’s Office filed a motion to modify the scheduling order on Friday, Dec. 13, arguing Campbell and DPCA have held up the case and reasserting the city’s goal of concluding the case expeditiously.

“Petitioners have stymied that approach and left the City unable to comply with the August 6 scheduling order,” the motion states. “They caused a seven-week delay to fire their original counsel and retain a second. They engendered another seven-week delay needlessly litigating whether to join the Seattle Public Schools as a party. For four weeks now they have failed to comply with this Court’s order to join necessary parties.”

On Nov. 14, Coughenour ordered Campbell and DPCA to refile the land-use petition to include the U.S. Army and SPS as parties in the case. The Army still owns the property, and SPS plans to use a portion of the property to build two playfields.

The City Attorney’s Office filed another motion on Dec. 13 that accepts Miller’s withdrawal as counsel for Campbell and DPCA, contingent of the plaintiffs refiling their land-use petition with the Army and SPS added as respondents.

Coughenor is being asked to approve an order to have the plaintiffs file an amended complaint no later than Jan. 17 and set a status conference for Feb. 18. A March 13 pretrial order and March 23 trial date would be stricken.

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