Ballard Food Bank announced last week that Amazon has donated to its Hope Beyond Hunger capital campaign, and formed a strategic partnership to bring food and hope to people across northwest Seattle. The multifaceted partnership includes $750,000 in total funding for the future of Ballard Food Bank, Amazon employee volunteering support and an exploration of community programs and markets where families can shop and access healthy food.

In addition to grants totaling $500,000 for the Ballard Food Bank’s future home —scheduled to open in fall 2021 — Amazon is donating $250,000 to support programming for families and children in need. The two organizations are also exploring how Amazon’s employees can bolster the 190-person volunteer force that fuels the Food Bank’s operations.

Ballard Food Bank’s future location at 1400 N.W. Leary Way will serve an expanded area, including Licton Springs through Bitter Lake and up to 145th Street. Several of these communities have pressing needs, and the Food Bank will provide greater access to nutritious food and other services. The new 11,000-square-foot building will feature a larger grocery-store-style food bank and improved community resource hub, where organizations will offer housing assistance, medical care, veterans’ benefits and more, all in one place.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the Ballard Food Bank was already was making 3,200 household visits and deliveries each month; that number has now doubled to 6,400. Staff and volunteers have met this increase by pivoting their service model to safer drive-thru and home delivery, avoiding person-to-person contact as much as possible.