WSDOT continues to test its tolling equipment for the State Route 99 Tunnel after it was discovered that some motorists with Good To Go! passes were incorrectly being charged a photo enforcement fee.

The 25 cent fee is applied to people who have registered their license plate with their Good To Go! account but declined to use a sticker pass that can be scanned.

WSDOT found the tolling equipment had incorrectly assessed photo enforcement fees on 64,000 accounts, resulting in the department issuing $70,000 in refunds, said Chris Foster with the WSDOT Toll Division.

“We’d received a few [inquiries] and we relayed that information to our engineers,” Foster said, “and they started to do a deep dive into our lane data, and that’s when they knew something was up.”

Refunds started on Friday, Jan. 10, and Good To Go! users are being told to allow seven days to see a credit applied to their accounts. They are also encouraged to monitor their accounts and report any future irregularities.

“We’ve implemented a solution. We’re seeing pretty good improvements,” Foster said.

Because the $70,000 in fees were incorrectly applied, the refunds do not constitute a loss of revenue for WSDOT, he said.