Photo courtesy Bayview
Bayview in Queen Anne
Photo courtesy Bayview Bayview in Queen Anne

This month marked Bayview’s 60th anniversary. Seattle and the world looked entirely different back in 1961. In fact, Seattle looks entirely different from even just a few years ago. Though the environment, landscape, technology, demography, industries and almost anything else one can think of have changed, the fierce and pioneering nature of our residents has not.

The model of retirement living that Bayview introduced in 1961 was uncommon for the time. Offering residents an enriching and engaging environment while providing a continuum of care to meet one’s changing needs was a new concept. This concept was brought to fruition by our founders, Charles Kinnear, who gifted the land, and Dr. Cyrus Albertson, the head pastor at Seattle First Methodist Church.

Reflecting on our first anniversary, our then Executive Director Dr. Clark J. Wood wrote the following words to our residents: “Truly, we owe a great debt to pioneers. But just as truly there are opportunities to be pioneers in new ventures today.”

Six decades later, this still holds true, not only for our residents but for all of us. We are all learning how to navigate in a COVID and hopefully soon to be Post-COVID world. We are learning to navigate in changing political climates, locally, nationally, and globally.

We are navigating a technology-infused world, the likes of which has never yet been seen nor imagined. So what does this all mean for one of the few remaining stand-alone nonprofit life plan communities (formerly continuing care retirement communities) in Seattle?

Our residents and dedicated staff must and will continue to forge authentic and just pathways forward, such that growing old means growing better. Aging is something we all do, from the moment of conception on.

What does it mean to age with humanity and dignity that every person is due?

My recommendation is to take a peek inside Bayview to see the possibilities. This was true in 1961, true in 2021, and will be true in the years to come thanks to our resilient community.

Happy Anniversary Bayview, and here’s to many more pioneering and inspiring years to come.


Nancy Weinbeck is the CEO of Bayview in Queen Anne.