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Wednesday, December 8, 2010 3:39 AM
Surprise! You're pregnant. The doctor said I'm high risk. For what? I'm too old.

Encouraging isn't it? Well, being over 35 and pregnant does have some risks. You might risk being the healthiest you've been in a decade or so. You might risk learning about unconditional love. You might risk having the most incredible experience of your life. Seems like the risk = the benefit, which means it's actually a wonderful thing. Embrace pregnancy!
  • The Seattle news media lost two talented, well-respected individuals on Tuesday, March 18, when their news helicopter crashed upon takeoff outside their news station.
  • The good news is that I oppose the present tunnel proposal as do you ["Tunnel still miles away" Dec. 22] but for a different reason.
  • The good news is that I oppose the present tunnel proposal as do you ["Tunnel still miles away" Dec. 22] but for a different reason.
  • Keep retirement age at 65

    Dear Editor:

    Besides volunteering for the Community Council and the District Council, I chair the Washington State Alliance for Retired Americans, the Seattle Area Retired Public Employees and the Washington State Client Assistance Program (an advocacy program for people of disability). I have always believed in thinking globally and acting locally so I needed to bring the national concerns to my neighbors in Queen Anne and Magnolia.
  • Avery again on the mark
    This is the first letter to an editor I've ever written. The Right Side compelled me. You are appreciated. Thank you. I'm quite positive he can really run a nonprofit well.
  • River otters are culprits
    I read your article about the dog poisoned at the marina last night. It is a shame that this dog had to suffer. I understand the boaters' irritation with these otters, but I do not condone their actions.
  • Seattle Rep changes are disappointing
    I'm burning with disappointment. The renovations for the new plaza in front of the Seattle Repertory Theatre, at Mercer Street, are finished. As you enter the Seattle Center campus and approach the theatre you are welcomed by... something resembling a used car lot!
  • Dryers not all that bad

    To the Editor,
    I think Breyers vanilla ice cream tastes better than Dreyer's. But Dreyer's does not contain "garbage." Corn syrup is a natural vegetable product mainly consisting of glucose, the sugar used for energy by every cell of nearly every living thing on Earth. You may know it as Karo syrup, a staple of southern baking. Carrageenan is a natural vegan alternative to gelatin which the Chinese have used for 2,500 years.
  • "Dan Westmore is beholden to no one." Mr. Westmore appears beholden to many (Homeless man 6/16/10). He left his wife and five-year-old child to serve his own needs. He collects food stamps, and wants to get into subsidized housing at the expense of those who pay their own way.
  • It came to our attention on June 1 that Metro plans to close several stops along Routes 3 and 4 on Queen Anne and open a few others as consolidations. These changes are to take effect on June 26, and comments are due on June 11, according to a Metro notification, which appeared in the Queen Anne View blog on June 1.
  • In your last issue, a misinformed reader asked why the Magnolia Community Club has not done even more for this unique urban peninsula (Letters May 26).
  • MCC has rubber teeth

    Dear Editor:
    It is getting a bit old the ongoing published reports by the Magnolia News about how the Magnolia Community Club ("MCC") is aggrieved about some action either the City of Seattle or the Port of Seattle is taking that impacts Magnolia.
  • Doesn't the community have rights as well?
    Example: you live on a street full of beautiful 1920s Craftsman style homes. You bought the house because it was obvious that everyone takes great pride in their homes, and you wanted to live on a street like that. One day, one of the owners announces that he's tearing his house down and replacing it with an ultra-modern concrete structure to the horizontal and vertical limits of the zoning. Wouldn't that destroy the whole character of the street, and impact the neighbors property values?
  • As a life-long resident of Queen Anne Hill I can only feel outrage and embarrassment over how some of the people of QA are treating the owners of the new mini-mart at 5 Corners.
  • Calling McDermott a barnacle is inappropriate
    Dear Editor,
    I find it unconscionable that you attach the word 'barnacle' to Representative Jim McDermott's name in your recent essay (3/31/2010, Inside View). This sort of name calling undermines any attempt at constructive dialogue.
    While you may find that he has outlived his tenure, I could counter that your view comes from an uninformed and immature young-pup. Does this name calling advance anything?
  • The people opposing the grocery store at 5 Corners are wrong! (News 3/10)

    My family has owned and operated Lyons Grocery on Dexter Avenue for 39 years. There is much more traffic on Dexter and greater density than 5 Corners. It is primarily a condo and apartment neighborhood and a corridor in and out of downtown.
  • Coyotes are curious, not threatening

    I finally cannot put off writing this letter any longer. I live on the West side of Queen Anne Hill and own a small dog. I also volunteer to walk dogs in the Interbay area for the Seattle Animal Shelter. City People, STOP FREAKING OUT AT A COYOTE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD.
  • Sister Thea

    Dear Editor:

    Ours is an age of violence and fear. In the midst of our latest terrorist alarm, a rare and welcome act surfaces (Sister Thea inspires QA man Jan. 6). Thank you for this inspirational and heartwarming story. Thank you for placing it on your front page. It needs to be there and treasured as a gift.

    - Constance F. Ramsey
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