Thanks in part to an $80,000 grant from the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation (SASF), the Seattle Animal Shelter’s dog kennels are getting a facelift this November. 

While the project will result in major improvements for dogs in the shelter’s care, the Animal Shelter (2061 15th Ave. W.) is planning to help alleviate overcrowding during the renovation. These steps include a special adoption promotion, additional foster care orientations to expand the pool of foster homes and, running now through completion of the renovation, the temporary suspension of accepting surrendered and stray animals.

The four-week construction project — which begins Monday, Nov. 4, and ends by Nov. 30 — will replace the existing chain-link fencing of the kennels with modern glass enclosures and resurface the floors. 

In addition to the SASF grant, other funding sources for the $160,000 project include $68,000 from the shelter’s Help the Animals Fund and $12,000 in city facility maintenance funding.

As all the dogs must be moved out of the kennel area by Sunday, Nov. 3, the shelter is hoping to adopt out or move into foster homes as many dogs as possible prior to construction. Several other areas of the shelter will temporarily house dogs still on-site, which will bump other animals, such as rabbits, rodents and reptiles from their typical spaces. This ripple effect has the shelter seeking new homes for all animals.

To entice potential adopters, the Animal Shelter is waiving adoption fees for dogs, cats and critters through Sunday, Nov. 3. Adopters will still be responsible for purchasing a pet license for cats and dogs living in the city limits.

“While adoption is the preferred option, if you are unable to make a permanent commitment, you also can help by becoming a foster parent,” said Animal Shelter director Don Jordan.

Foster parents provide temporary foster care in their homes to rehabilitate and nurture sick, injured and immature animals or to just give adoptable animals a break from the shelter environment. The Seattle Animal Shelter will provide any necessary veterinary care, training support and adoption marketing.

Shelter volunteers are offering additional foster care orientations prior to the start of construction: 

•Dogs — Saturday, Nov. 2, 10 a.m.

•Critters — Saturday, Nov. 2, 2 p.m.

•Cats — Sunday, Nov. 3, 2 p.m.

For more information or to register for any of the foster care orientation, visit 

Besides a push to find new homes for the animals currently at the shelter, the shelter has suspended accepting new animals — both surrenders and strays. Until the renovation project is complete, residents who find stray animals are encouraged to seek out the owner of the animal using the shelter’s Lost and Found Database ( or finding the lost animal’s home by matching licenses or microchips with assistance from shelter staff. 

If you find a stray and need help reuniting it with its owner, call the Animal Shelter at (206) 386-7387.

Several partner agencies in the Puget Sound area have agreed to accept surrenders from Seattle residents during this time. Note that most shelters require appointments and may have surrender or “rehoming” fees or some other qualifier, so contact the agency prior to arrival:

•Seattle Humane Society (; and


During construction, field enforcement efforts will continue as normal, as will operations at the Shelter’s Spay and Neuter Clinic. 

People can still adopt animals from the shelter and are highly encouraged to adopt an animal directly from a foster home. Check to see all the animals currently available for adoption. 

The Seattle Animal Shelter is open Wednesday through Sunday, noon to 6 p.m., for adoptions and licensing.