Emily Browning in the title role
Emily Browning in the title role

From Kathleen Murphy:

No less a filmmaker than Jane Campion gave her seal of approval to Sleeping Beauty, Australian novelist Julia Leigh's writing-directing debut. It's a mystery how the director of In the Cut and The Portrait of a Lady, uncompromising explorations of female psychosexuality, could find value in this dull preachment about the objectification of women—or more accurately, portrait of a disaffected droop. Sleeping Beauty [not to be confused with the current Catherine Breillat film of the same title] never stops nagging you to take it Seriously as brave and radical Art. Truth be told, Leigh's shocked discovery that the services of women are bought and sold every day in many different venues is yesterday's news, and her notion of how to let us in on the awful truth is often stylistically silly.

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