Kathleen Murphy writes:

Asger Leth made his directorial bones with Ghosts of Cité Soleil, a hard-hitting documentary about the crime-ridden slums of Haiti’s Port-au-Prince, advertised as the most dangerous place on Earth. The multi-talented Leth also wrote, photographed, and provided production design for Ghosts, which garnered good notices for visceral immediacy, as well as some critical cavils about its scattershot narrative. Sadly, Man on a Ledge, Leth’s first fiction film, fails, due to a convoluted plot that’s also stunningly improbable. That wouldn’t have to be a dealbreaker, if we were grabbed hard and held fast by a charismatic cast, and/or the film’s three or four lines of action and suspense were taut enough to keep our pulses racing. Still, fortified with sufficient popcorn and soda pop, killing time with this amiable mess isn’t the worst you could do at the multiplex.

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