<p>Laurence Harvey (no, not that one)</p>

Laurence Harvey (no, not that one)

Kathleen Murphy writes:

"Dutch filmmaker Tom Six's The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (2010) accumulated disgust, death threats and lots of video-on-demand dough. It was hard for most people to hear the film's premise, let alone watch the thing. Framing this almost documentary-style nightmare about a deranged doctor's experiment to surgically join three human guinea pigs mouth to anus, Six betrayed no horror or compassion. The chilling result was an artful picture of outrageous physiological violation, the kind a Dr. Mengele might perform out of sheer scientific curiosity. What's on view in HC is beyond revolting; even worse is the film's oppressive nihilism, as God's noblest creations are reduced to tripartite intestine.
      "Now Mr. Six has dumped a sequel on the slavering horror-fan market. Your consumer reporter must warn you that The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) outdoes the first film in repulsiveness. It revels in blood and excrement, vicious cruelty and atrocity, and the casualties are more numerous, including a pregnant woman.
"OK, that's blunt enough to warn most of you off this repellent movie. But if anyone's still reading, I'd like to share some observations about Six's cinematic descent into dreck."......

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