No swine flu cases have been reported in the Seattle Public School District, said district spokesman David Tucker.

The district will report absences to Public Health if Seattle and King County, added Tucker, but at this point Public Health only recommends testing for swine flu infection if a child becomes severely ill when he or she should be getting better and shows distinctive signs of swine flu versus the seasonal flu. St. Anne Principal Pat Durand also said there has been no suspected or reported cases of swine flu at the private Catholic school atop Queen Anne Hill.

Washington State University continues to confront a potential outbreak of swine flu, with nearly 2,600 students reporting flu-like symptoms to the institution's Health and Wellness Services since school began its fall session in late August.

Despite the number of potential swine flu cases, no one has been hospitalized and most students who reported systems have recovered and returned to classes.

The Associated Press reported that 5,400 to 9,000 members of the WSU community are expected be infected with the virus, based on data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Originally, the federal government planned on having 120 million doses of the vaccine available by the end of October but the number of doses expected to be available dropped to 45 million, according to Group Health spokesman Kirk Williamson, but he still expects the vaccine to be available to residents in the Puget Sound area by the end of October.