Intiman Theatre recently announced that it has raised enough funds to go ahead with its annual Theatre Festival, led by artistic director Andrew Russell. 

Intiman’s renewed fund-raising model calls for the majority of the contributed funds to be raised in advance, and with the support of a handful of major contributors and almost 600 individual donors, the organization will begin to sell tickets in mid-April for the summer festival, which will run June 22 through Sept. 15.

Over the course of the last several months, Intiman has raised nearly $600,000 as part of its “Show the Love” fund-raising campaign. Last year, 93 percent of donors made gifts of less than $1,000; this year (as of mid-March, 86 percent of donors made gifts of less than $1,000). Intiman Theatre will continue to accept donations through the end of April. 

Monetary donations and pledges are accepted on-line at or by mail to Intiman Theatre, P.O. Box 19537, Seattle, WA 98109. 

The organization’s efforts last year ended with an operating surplus to carry forward into 2013, and also allowed the theater to significantly reduce its long-term debts. 

Managing director Keri Kellerman, who was instrumental in realizing the 2012 Summer Festival, has left to pursue opportunities outside of Intiman. In light of Keri’s departure, the board will implement a new staffing structure. 

Also, Intiman’s board of trustees also voted in several new executive board members, including Cynthia Huffman as president; Nancy Beyer Cannon, Audit Committee; Brady Walkinshaw, Trustees Committee; Mary Ann Midori Goto, secretary; Tommer Peterson, Planning Committee; and Joel Bodansky, treasurer.