Rumors had swirled for months, but now it is confirmed: Queen Anne is getting its bookstore back.

Here’s the press release that came to us from the new owners at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 16:

“Queen Anne residents are off to an exciting 2013 as their beloved independent bookstore will soon open its doors again as the Queen Anne Book Co. This small miracle is occurring on top of the hill when this new, locally owned bookstore opens in the location of the former Queen Anne Books.

“Ever since the doors of Queen Anne Books were shut after almost 15 years, there have been outcries of disappointment from the local people. But thanks to a new owner/management team, this brick-and-mortar store will again contribute to the health and culture of the local community.

“The new team will carry on the long tradition of local ownership. New owners Judy and Krijn de Jonge have been Queen Anne residents for a long time. Owner/manager Janis Segress is returning to her old neighborhood, after working as head buyer at Eagle Harbor Book Co. on Bainbridge Island. They follow former Queen Anne Books owners Patti McCall and Cindy Mitchell. McCall sold the store in early 2012 to Katherine Hershey, who decided to leave the book business late last year.

“Thanks to the new owners, Queen Anne Book Co. will reopen late February in its known location at 1811 Queen Anne Ave. Some of the familiar bookseller faces will return, and together with the new faces, they will welcome the community back into its bookstore.

“The whole staff is thrilled to continue the book business both in its traditional and changing forms: the selling of paper and ink books, plus e-readers and e-books. The community can also look forward to monthly book groups, new book-release parties, frequent-buyer award program, personalized book-buying assistance, local and national author events.

“Queen Anne is a great neighborhood, and Queen Anne Book Co. is looking forward to becoming an integral and longstanding part of it.”

The News will follow up with more comprehensive coverage.