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Thursday, May 24, 2018 2:45 PM
A thoroughly unremarkable picture — a mildly entertaining and safe prequel/origin story that has little to say about its iconic protagonist and therefore has little reason to exist.
  • Working parents may have a harder time to put healthy food on the table than those who are part-time employed or stay at home, a recent study fou
  • The City of Seattle Office of Sustainability & Environment is strengthening equal access to local and healthy foods with the Fresh Bucks pilot program
  • Americans have less confidence in the quality and safety of their food supply than they’ve had in years, according to a survey by the International Food Information Council (IFIC). In the wake of news reports on mad-cow disease, pink slime and meat glue, today’s consumers are seriously worried about meat products and also, albeit to a lesser extent, about fish and produce.
  • Valuing our bond with animals

    It is amazing to realize, but there are few parts of our lives that do not influence the lives of animals. 

  • Driving long distances on congested roads is part of the daily grind for millions of Americans. Commuting between the home in the suburbs and the workplace downtown has been a common phenomenon since the 50s and 60s and the hassle has only become worse ever since.
  • You’ve probably heard by now of Marshall Reid, the sixth grader from Sanford, North Carolina, who managed to change his and his family’s poor eating habits and wrote a book about the experience, titled “Portion Size Me,” which was obviously inspired by the well-known documentary film, “Super Size Me,” by Morgan Spurlock about the negative health effects of fast food.

  • The number of Americans living below the official poverty line has increased to 46.2 million...
  • If the promise of “Obamacare” was to bring universal health care to America, we are bound to be disappointed once more...
  • Magnolia cheers Komen walkers
    Hundreds of walkers streamed through Magnolia Sunday, Sept. 18, on the last leg of the 60-mile Susan G. Komen 3-Day for a Cure Walk to support a search for the cure to breast cancer.
  • Researchers are predicting a dramatic increase in diabetes over the next 40 years...
  • There are times when nothing I do seems to make a difference in achieving the end result I’m looking for.
  • Tomatoes rank among the most popular and versatile foods we know.
  • Sodas add hundreds of calories a day to the typical American diet...
  • Most Americans are unable to follow their government’s recommendations for healthy eating...
  • Millions of Americans think of the beginning of the year as the best time to diet and get back in shape. It’s called resolution season, and for many it is almost an annual ritual. The weight loss industry strongly supports this tradition and does the bulk of its business during this period.
  • Skin cancer - What do we really need to know?

    The epidemic of skin cancer in the United States is often in the news. It’s worth knowing how these trends are changing over time. 

    Since the 1960s, the incidence of skin cancer has increased by 5 to 8 percent annually. The increase is in all sorts of skin cancers, but particularly for melanoma. 

  • Medicaid, the health insurance program for poor people, has received renewed attention, not only from politicians in their search for more spending cuts but also from scientists who studied the program’s effects on its beneficiaries. A yearlong survey showed compelling evidence that recipients of Medicaid benefit in numerous ways from being insured by comparison to those who have no coverage at all.

  • It is getting harder to put food on the table, not only for low-income households but for middle-class families as well. Prices have soared lately not just at high-end grocery stores, like Whole Foods or QFC, but also at large chains known for their price competitiveness, like Safeway, Sam’s Club and Costco.
  • Don't take chances with a pregnancy - see a doctor early and often
    A woman who is thinking about pregnancy can reduce her stress and boost her potential for good health by visiting her doctor both before and during pregnancy.
  • The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for all foods is projected to increase this year by 2 to 3 percent. If that doesn’t sound particularly alarming to you, consider this: While the average costs for processed foods continue to remain relatively stable, fresh food items, like meat, dairy products, eggs, vegetables and fruits are all much more expensive now than they were a year ago.
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